The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure recently launched the National Guide for Smart Construction containing key elements which are necessary for all parties to improve construction processes. This thought leadership initiative is designed to drive the UAE’s AEC sector into a new era of construction.

Organized in partnership with Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction at Heriot Watt University, this unprecedented leading industry event will explore these industry guidelines. Presentations will demonstrate how they will improve efficiency, cost, and sustainability, and include real case study applications of smart construction processes that will create significant benefits for the industry and all stakeholders.

Presentations will be made by government and academic organizations that are driving this initiative, and private sector organizations that are leaders in smart sustainable construction. Panel sessions and workshop will discuss and explore the key elements in depth.

Topics to be covered during the conference will include:

  • Overview of the National Guide for Smart Construction
  • Digitization and Digital Transformation
  • Information Management including Geospatial, BIM and GIS
  • Property Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • IOT
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Robotics in construction
  • Modern methods of construction including modular and 3D printing
  • Performance and productivity including standards, benchmarking, and industry collaboration
  • Upskilling of workforce
  • Industry collaboration
  • Smart Buildings
  • Sustainability including Green Energy, renewables, decarbonization of cement and Smart Materials
  • Employee wellbeing including Health & Safety


Attendees will represent government and private sector organisations at the forefront of the UAE’s construction sector including government; municipalities; contractors; civil engineering; consultants; infrastructure developers; property developers; real estate; transport agencies; architects; asset management; land management; technology providers; equipment suppliers; and industry associations.